Best Local Restaurants in Lufkin

Whenever I think of Lufkin, I think of short trails with lush green grass, lakes with cute bridges, and unbelievably great food! If you want to know Lufkin’s best local restaurants, I got the perfect list! These five picks are a must-try if ever you go to this small city in Deep East Texas.

  1. Clear Springs Restaurant

Let me just acknowledge the fact that the ambience inside gives you that 1960s vibe which most restaurants in Texas have. It’s cosy and it feels so spacious with their open concept.

Nested in the middle of the Piney Woods of East Texas, this Clear Springs location occupies what once was the first refrigerated warehouse West of the Mississippi River. Located next to a busy rail yard, this warehouse was ideal for getting food and supplies to people all over Texas and the United States. Stop in and see history on the walls and enjoy the Best Fried Catfish in Texas as voted by Texas Highways Magazine. (source)

One thing in their menu that just pops out is their “World Famous Onion Rings.” It costs $5.95 for small, and $8.95 for Texas size. Since it’s only me and Luis, we ordered small, which I think is a great choice because we were almost full even before we got to the main course. We are a fan of onion rings, and Clear Springs’ is one of the BEST that we’ve tasted! It is full of flavor and has the right amount of spices. You can hear the crunch from every bite!

For the main course, I ordered a seafood combo of (2) for $14.45. They also have a choice of (3) for $18.45 if ever you have the appetite for three different kinds. I got fried catfish and fried oysters. This meal is served with french fries, cole slaw, Pinto beans and hushpuppies. I love that their catfish is cooked to perfection; I didn’t taste the “muddy” feel that it gives off sometimes. It didn’t smell fishy at all, and their tartar sauce is perfect with it. Its fried oyster is also surprisingly good! It is so soft inside that it’s almost melting in my mouth. Paired with lemon and tartar dip, their oysters just take the spotlight. For the price, the serving size is not going to disappoint you. I’m not a fan of their cole slaw and beans, or maybe it just tastes bland to me.

Luis, on the other hand, ordered chicken fried chicken (Cowboy size) for $12.95. It’s chicken breast coated with special seasonings then topped with cream gravy. It is also served with a choice of two sides and Texas Toast. He chose beans and fries for the sides. He adores chicken. Everything chicken, actually. So when I asked if he likes it, I already know his answer.

Their staff are also accommodating and very friendly. Waiting time is more or less thirty minutes which we actually didn’t mind because we’ve heard a lot of good things about this place prior going here. I’m giving this 4 stars out of 5 because I love everything about this place! However, it is 30 minutes away from Lufkin and that is a hassle if we want to go there more often.

2. Ray’s Drive In Cafe

Where do locals get their burgers? Definitely here! We are food slaves of Whataburger. Our home is filled with Whataburger ketchups and condiments, and we’re not even kidding. However when in Lufkin, Ray’s Drive In Cafe just takes the VIP seat. Their burgers are the best we’ve tasted in TX! We’ve been to Houston, San Antonio, and all the way south, but nothing like their old-fashioned Ray’s Special!

Sorry for the messy photos. Honestly, we were hypnotized by the greasy scent of the meat that I forgot to take a photo before indulging! My lipstick even stained the bun, do you see it? lol! This is Chili hamburger by the way, which is good, but their Ray Special Burger is the best! It costs $5.00 when I ordered it the next time we went and I didn’t bother to take a photo. It’s THAT good you just want to eat it right there and then! No wonder it is their all-time bestseller.

Another thing they are famous for is their milkshake and ice cream floats! I don’t have enough tummy room for a milkshake so I just ordered a root beer float as my drink for $2.85. And OMG! I was surprised!

This is NOT root beer float, it’s a whole ice cream with root beer in it. They are very generous with their ice cream, I just couldn’t handle the good vibes this cup gave me! And the ice cream tastes like a vanilla “dirty” or “street” ice cream in PH, but this one’s a better version. I totally love it!

Their staff is ok, seems a little off when we first got there. I don’t know why, they are just not those extra friendly people which I don’t mind at all because I was only there for the food. I rate this 5 stars of 5 because of its proximity to our location, fast service, and their outdoor space. It’s pretty amazing to look at especially at night.

3. Auntie Pasta’s

OK, when we got here, I didn’t know that we would have a great and amazing dinner. Yes, we googled it and read some reviews, but since it’s a pasta house, I didn’t really expect much. After all, what’s with pasta other than pasta and sauce, right? I thought, there’d be nothing extraordinary. I didn’t bring my camera, my phone’s battery was at 15%. Luis and I just wanted to eat, basically.

And I regretted not bringing my camera with me! The atmosphere inside is incredible! Their staff wore colorful aprons, and greeted us with warm smiles. Their stairs inside, right after you enter the front door, is antique and appears elegantly unique. Their wall decor, lightings, and the whole atmosphere is just perfect! I can still recall it in my memory! Too bad no photos to prove it, but you definitely should go here! The outside look was such a tease, there was a stunning surprise inside!

I ordered chicken marsala. It consists of chicken medallions, mushrooms and green onions in a rich Marsala wine sauce. It is also served with fettuccine. I can definitely taste the sweet and tangy wine sauce. The aroma is tempting, like a glass of old wine, but with a fruity appeal to it. The chicken is tender and perfect with every bite. You can taste every ingredient and I’ve never tried any pasta like this. It’s full of palatable flavor that is just right in your tongue. It’s not overpowering, it’s perfectly rich! The sauce is not like other wine sauce that I tried. I let Luis try it even though he doesn’t like mushrooms, and he gave his thumbs up!

On the other hand, Luis tried their homemade spaghetti and meatballs. OK, this one, I tried it, too! I am not a fan of sour spaghetti but this tastes like a tomato freshly picked from a farm. I don’t know, it just satisfies your palate in a way that’s hydrating and flavorful. Their meatballs are pure goodness of meat! It may appear simple, but the sauce is just savory!

Before I forget, our appetizer was crab cake. I didn’t give justice to this one but it was plated perfectly. The sauce around it is well-seasoned and has a sharp kick in your tongue, more like gingery and vinegary. It’s served with lemon butter sauce and remoulade dressing. One of the best crab cakes I’ve had in my entire life!

I rate this 5 of 5 because Auntie Pasta’s is one hell of experience for me! I love cooking pasta and this place gave me a lot of inspiration to level up my pasta game. The place was perfect, location is somewhat far from Lufkin city area, but definitely worth it! The price, however, is a little expensive. We spent almost $40.00 excluding the tip. But is it worth it? YES. Are we going back? ABSOLUTELY!

4. Stringer’s Lufkin Bar-B-Q

First of all, this is not the best brisket I’ve ever tasted. (Sorry!) But you should take note that this place has been in Lufkin for 66 YEARS. Legendary, right!? It blew me away, too. This place is not only historical, it also means that this place had served several generations and even then, was able to manage keeping up with changing time.

When you browse their menu, you can see the words: “Juicy, fall off the bone tender, mouth watering, seasoned just right, cooked over open fire pork ribs.” And they are right for the most part. I ordered a brisket plate which costs $12.00, I’m not really sure. But it is around that price range. I like the smokiness and tenderness of the meat. However, it’s not the only one that caught my attention. Their beans are extraordinary! It’s a must-try for the sides! I know others won’t love the sweetness of it but that’s what makes it stand out. I finished the whole thing and didn’t even have to ask for a to-go box! Also, the pickles are fresh and crunchy and cleanses your palate just right.

Another local favorite is their fried rolls.

Immediately after we ordered, these golden rolls hit our plates. They are buttery and soft like a cotton inside. They come with little packets of honey which we tried and boy, it was good! I thought I’m eating a dessert already. The texture is donutty but has more resistance when you chew it. It’s pretty heavy for a starter so we set some aside for after our main order. But we had a hard time, though, because you just can’t help but take another piece.

I’ll give this place a 4 of 5 because I think this place has way more potential than how it is performing right now. The staff are friendly and the vibe inside is homey. Most orders are to-go, and I think it’s because of their old tables and chairs. They should get an upgrade/renovation soon, or not, since it’s an iconic place. Well, as long as the tummy is happy!

5. Dolli’s Diner

“Always fresh, always friendly, the Dolli’s Diner way!”

We found ourselves eating brunch in this cute cafe near University area in Nacogdoches while we’re strolling around. I thought it’d be the usual American diner, but lo and behold, this 1950s style diner stunned us with their fresh selections of sandwiches. The fun vibe in this place is prominent. Colorful walls and memorabilia added character to the place.

Their serving is HUGE; I wasn’t able to eat it all. I even asked for help as Luis tried to finish mine. I got Tex-Mex burger with green chili, avocado, and pepper jack cheese. It is a hand-pattied fresh ground beef on a toasted bun. Served with lettuce, onion, pickle and my choice of fries or onion rings. For $9.00, it’s a fair deal.

Luis ordered his usual bacon cheeseburger which consists of bacon & cheddar, swiss, american, or pepperjack cheese. It’s priced at $9.00 as well.

I personally love this place for its relaxed and friendly atmosphere. It’s a casual place that offers you that home cooked food you always crave for. You can also build your own burger with (3) toppings of your choice for only $10.00. It also comes with homemade chili sauce for an extra $2.00.

I am giving this place a 4 of 5 because while the food is great, their sweet tea is not my type. I don’t know if it’s the way it’s sweetened or just the general taste of it. But overall, this place should be included in your list!

So there you go! Your five best local restaurants in Lufkin.

I’ve always believed that in order for you to know a place, you should try their local food. And we did! Not only did we savor Lufkin’s culture, these dishes also made me understand the authentic Lufkin living which transcends to their laid-back vibe with bold and classic kick.

Did you like this list?

Which one appealed to you the most?

Let me know in the comments!

On Travel Nursing: Pros And Cons Of Extending A Contract

Right now, I’m on my last week of my first ever travel nursing assignment. It’s been a crazy ride for our career and this blog, I must say. Everything seemed to happen so fast that I missed tracking some important events in this journey. But for now, I’m going to share with you the things we considered when extending our contract.

November of last year when Luis and I finally took the leap of faith and ventured into this journey that is travel nursing. Many wonderful things happened since. Fast forward to this day and five months after, here we are: finally leaving Lufkin and moving on to our next destination. But aren’t you supposed to only have 13 weeks? I know, I get that question a lot.


Travel assignments usually last for 8-13 weeks. The contract depends on patient load, season, and overall need of the hospital.


Initially, we signed up for a thirteen-week assignment. And we loved it! I couldn’t explain this more but everything about workload and work environment are amazing.

Why did we stay?


After our 13 weeks, we received an email saying that we are eligible to extend. To be able to qualify for an extension, travel nurses should be able to pass according to the facility’s standards. Some staff are generally asked about our performance, work ethics, and how we carry ourselves. Are we knowledgable enough? Are we competent enough? Do we follow hospital policy? Do we break house rules? Are we good with our patients? Do we communicate well with staff?

Those were just sample questions that I heard from staff and management. To keep it short, it basically assesses whether the hospital wants to keep us or not. So being able to receive the extension offer, we are really elated! It’s our first assignment so we didn’t really expect much.

Here are the reasons we extended aka the pros of extending our travel nursing assignment:

1. No need for adjustment


We already know the different policies of the hospital. Where to get stuff. Who to call for this. How their equipment work. How people coordinate with other staff. Everything seems to be easy peasy when you familiarize yourself with these little bumps while working.

2. Higher paycheck, same expenses


When we accepted the extension offer, we tried to negotiate. If they wanted us real bad, they should be able to give us what we want. We were able to agree with $100 increase per week. It’s not much compared to what other travel nurses are requiring when they ask for a deal, but it’s already enough for us. From $1,400+ take home (tax already excluded) per week, we’re able to earn $1,500/wk.

3. More time to explore the place


Lufkin is a small city but is strategically located between Houston and Louisiana. There is not much to see in Lufkin, honestly. However, it is only two hours away from Houston so we were able to go in that amazing city whenever we like.

I even got the chance to experience Rodeo Houston!

And even watch THE Alicia Keys!

We were also able to go to Louisiana, and as far as New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras. Full post here.


It is truly one for the books! Five months in this place but it is still too short to try their incredible and amazing local restaurants! I promise to make a post about it. They are just so good!

4. Getting to know people on a deeper level 


During our whole stay, we got the chance to befriend some of the coolest and friendliest people on earth. We’re really happy that our coworkers in Woodland Heights are accommodating and simply amazing! More time staying means more time to be with these awesome people.

5. No need to pack. Again.


The only hassle of traveling often is the whole preparation thing. I just hate packing. Packing sheet! lol ok. It’s meant to be a pun because I don’t swear. It’s a breeze not to load all your stuff at the back of the car and squeeze them to bits just to fit everything we have. We’re still new at this and no matter how many pinterest boards I make to keep me organized, it just takes so much time. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

All is well, right? But…

Why do we need to go?


No matter how many pros I include in this list, extending a contract has its fair share of consequences as well. The gypsy in us is going to agree with these cons:

1. Homesickness will eventually kick in.


Travel is a great way to explore the world and find yourself. But being away from home for too long doesn’t do you good also. You miss events, family gatherings, and the feeling of being in your comfort zone. Luis told me that this is one thing that he’d never outgrow and I totally get it. If I’m given the chance to be with my family, sign me up! Good thing we were able to have our two-week off after our thirteen weeks assignment. Our recruiter is the best. We super love her! #TeamKelly

2. Limits in professional growth


One of the many reasons I signed up for travel nursing is discovering more of my potential. With different sets of people/coworkers, I learn more techniques and nursing interventions that enable me to become a better nurse. If I stay in one place, I’m afraid I’d miss out on that chance to improve my skills and knowledge.

3. Complacency


There is no wrong being comfortable in your work space, however, when you see yourself starting to become complacent, it’s asking for danger. Nursing is not the profession for “routine work.” Nothing is ever a routine. And when it feels like it does, that means you’re doing something wrong or something that doesn’t contribute to your patient care. When you see yourself doing the same thing over and over, and you feel like it’s “getting old,” it’s the gypsy soul saying, “it’s time to move.”

4. Workplace politics


When you start working in a new facility, you don’t know anybody. You don’t know whose team is late or early at work. You don’t know who’s the most hated nurse or the most strict nurse leader, or basically the center of every gossip. But when you stay longer than you should, believe me, you’re gonna play favorites eventually, and you wouldn’t want that. Peace of mind while at work is my jive. Taking care of sick people is already stressful. Spare me from negativities!

5. More destinations


When you extend a contract, that means that’s another contract in another place that you didn’t apply for. And while everything is doing great in Lufkin, I just feel like there is so much more in the US that I want to explore! When I first got here, I didn’t even know where Lufkin is. I didn’t have any idea how much good vibes this place would bring me. And I know there are more places like this that I need to discover! So we hopped on to our next destination— VIRGINIA!

I am so excited to go there and I’m already pinning locations that we are planning to visit. Follow me on Pinterest to see these boards!

To travel nurses reading this, what are your thoughts on extending a contract?

Also, let me know your pet peeves when packing.

I badly need to avoid those for our next road trip.

Travel Nursing: Exploring Lufkin

Lufkin is 120 miles northeast of Houston, and is considered to be the county seat of Angelina County. It is at the crossroads of East Texas at the intersections of Highways 59 (leading to Houston and Rio Grande Valley) and 69 (leading to Port Arthur and Beaumont).

Yesterday after work, Luis and I went to Suddenlink to pay for our internet application and installation. Going there, we passed by a park that is located at the corner near our hospital. Nope. We didn’t notice that before! It’s only five minutes from our workplace! I think that’s the advantage of going to a small city. You get to see lots of cool stuff in a 5-mile radius.

Chambers Park

There’s nobody there. We owned the place, literally. Or maybe because it’s Monday, and everybody’s at work. There’s no car, no entrance fee whatsoever. It’s just there, beautifully existing, free, and open to strangers who want to enter the place. Like most of my pretty friends. Just kidding, you guys. 😂

There’s not a lot of parking space. I think it’s only good for ten cars tops. The place is quiet and intimate as it is. We feel like we can shoot a movie here, us throwing romantic pick-up lines and cheesy comebacks, but *spoilers 🚨 * we’re just like those ordinary couples who love to annoy each other. 🙈

This is Luis making sure he locked Gavin… and isn’t the backdrop so captivating? Sometimes I wish Luis can take photos of me like this. You know, all natural with hypnotizing background and is balanced in all angles. But he’s not really into photography, much more into selfies, or taking photos in general. He’s a private person who doesn’t enjoy these kinds of stuff. He loved the place though. He didn’t really say it, but I can feel it from his comments about the park.

This caught our attention because what if this place isn’t open to the public? Lol. My imagination sometimes runs wild, and I think of murder cases and bloody plot twists. I can blame Netflix for that or Patterson’s knack for suspense. Near this sign is a house(?) or a gathering place (?) which has a tarpaulin on it saying, “Narcotics anonymous.”

I looked at Luis and jokingly said, “Love, this is getting scary.” lol You know those horror scenes where the main characters find a creepy spot out of nowhere and the skies suddenly turn dark? Well, it didn’t happen. Too bad. There’s nobody in there though, and if there were we can just say hi to people and leave. We’re nurses, and part of our job is to maintain the integrity of our patients. Most people in those kinds of help groups are there because they want to change their lives, or at least have a support group that understands what they’re going through.

*No photo of the facility for private reasons.*

But here are other cool photos from our new favorite spot:

Dropping these babies on instagram made my feed so pretty in an instant!

We’re on our scrubs (straight from work) but that didn’t stop me from asking Luis to take a photo.

As usual, I cropped this photo because of aesthetic reasons. 😂

Oh I almost forgot. Here’s my takeaway gem from this place:

This reminded me of my home country, Philippines 🇵🇭 

Filipinos love basketball like how Americans love their football. Anywhere you go, may it be in rural or urban areas, you can always find a basketball ring like this. Our culture teaches us to be physically active and socially engaged. I don’t know about you but this is one thing social media ruined for us. Yes, it helps us connect to friends from miles away, but you can’t deny the reality that it disconnects you from people close to you. Maybe it’s time for Google to adopt a culturally engaging task search. Would it hurt of they add local words like “Basketbolan nearby.” Or “tambayan near me.” It must be so convenient to create friendly circles again. That’s just me daydreaming.

We found this near our parking spot, just around the mini bridge (which of course is under the big maple tree):

I’m like, “Who are the Baha’is?” I’m not really familiar with local groups but I have encountered names of ancestral lineage but nothing like this word.

So thank God there’s Google.

And surprisingly, here’s what I found:

A webpage for Baha’is, a faith-centered group of people who believe in modern teachings of God.

“Let your vision be world embracing…” — Bahá’u’lláh

Throughout history, God has sent to humanity a series of divine Educators—known as Manifestations of God—whose teachings have provided the basis for the advancement of civilization. These Manifestations have included Abraham, Krishna, Zoroaster, Moses, Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad. Bahá’u’lláh, the latest of these Messengers, explained that the religions of the world come from the same Source and are in essence successive chapters of one religion from God.

Bahá’ís believe the crucial need facing humanity is to find a unifying vision of the future of society and of the nature and purpose of life. Such a vision unfolds in the writings of Bahá’u’lláh.

My curiosity was satisfied. I looked up and as I watched those leaves dancing with the wind, I couldn’t help but to appreciate God’s creation and purpose in our lives. 

I’m a Christian who believes in Jesus’ way of life. But that doesn’t hinder me from acknowledging and embracing others’ beliefs and faith.

Thirty four years after it was planted, this big maple tree right here is standing tall, looking like a masterpiece of its own.

Faith is when you plant the seed of hope, not knowing how or when you’ll see the fruit, or if it will have a fruit, it’s putting your energy in something, just knowing that something great will happen. Just think about it, if you’re the one who planted this tree thirty four years ago, would you really think that something so small will grow THIS BIG? And BEAUTIFUL?

It’s just amazing, isn’t it?

We hope to find more places like this here in Lufkin. ❤️️ This place really continues to surprise us!

Thank you to those who drop some LOVE in my Notebook Fund. 👋🏼🤗💕

You guys, I’ll continue to write for y’all! ❤️

First travel nursing assignment: Deep East Texas

After contemplating on whether to pursue the life on the road, weighing the pros and cons, and foreseeing judgments that will come along our way, we ended up accepting the travel offer.

We did it! We actually did it!

Applications done. Interviews over.

After eight long hours of drive, we’re finally at Lufkin, TX.

Here is a pair of my tennis shoes on our second day at work:

This photo was taken during our break time. I made Jalapeño bologna sandwiches and sweet iced tea for lunch. Since the weather is great and I’m still amazed by our parking lot view, I was able to convince Luis to do mini picnic with me. (So corny of me, right?) We only have 30 minutes to spend for break so I made sure to time ourselves. We opened the trunk of the car and arranged our food. My Caddy is spacious for the two of us so we didn’t really have a hard time setting it up. We had an amazing view, cool atmosphere, and hearty food. I was reminded of our very first 4th of July together. We also gazed at the fireworks display while sitting inside the trunk of my car. *Oh memories*

I love the location of our new workplace because it’s only ten minutes away from our temporary home. The view is terrific! All these autumn trees are enough for me to feel the vacation vibe.

On our first week, we stayed at Quality Inn. All amenities are great except that I need to pay an extra $10 per day for Pumpkin, and there’s no kitchenette available. They only had microwave, fridge, and coffee maker. I bought a portable burner at Walmart for only $25 so we can cook pasta. I brought my rice cooker with me (proud Asian here! lol) so that helped, too. I told Luis we can actually pull it off in that hotel. But I computed all our expenses together with the hotel fee, and there’s just no way we can stay there without compromising our travel fee. It would cost us $2000 per month and that doesn’t include my apartment in McAllen (yes I’m paying for two apartments right now).

We had “the talk” and I told him that getting an apartment is the way to go if we wanted to maximize our travel fee. We agreed to travel in the first place because of the higher pay. Travel is a big plusss though, but money plays a big part as well.

We googled for places, apartments, extended stays, even airbnb, and some rent-a-room in Craigslist. I made calls to different facilities, and I realized it’s harder to find pet friendly communities than finding places that accommodate short leases. We eventually found one, Fox Run Apartments leased the unit as unfurnished but move-in ready.

The next day, we drove to look into it and we’re surprised that it’s like a curve away from the hospital. We talked to the manager, Ashley, and she immediately catered to our needs. We toured the place and we’re sold right there and then. It’s a 500 sqft place, has built-in gas burner, fridge, and dishwasher. It’s cable-ready and pet friendly as well. The deposit for pet, first month pay, and application fee costs us $1200. Monthly rent is $650 which is not bad compared to supposedly 2k Quality inn has to offer. Here’s our unit on the second floor:

That, however, excludes water, electricity, and Wifi. For water, Ashley informed us that it’s in the $35-40 range. For electricity, I’m estimating it to be lower than $100. And for Wifi, I applied at Suddenlink for 100/month. (Luis just can’t spend the day without streaming channels and playing videogames). Our monthly allowance for housing would reach 1k all in all. Food is another story, but I allotted $100 per week for that, including our eat outs.

We moved the weekend the room was ready. We got everything we needed and brought with us some sample-sized toiletries that we weren’t able to use. I’m just being practical, guys. And I don’t know why but Luis actually loved their conditioner. Lol.

Workwise, we find it easier compared to where we previously worked. The software that the company uses is called MedHost and the learning curve isn’t that sharp at all. It’s very user-friendly to us. Workplace atmosphere is also great. The people are friendly and cool, the overall ambience is highly recommended for first timers. We work three days per week and we’re paid $1,400 every Friday. Not bad, right? We’re guaranteed 36 hours of work per week. If we do overtime, the rate is higher. It’s additional $70/hour. We are not that motivated to do OT because we value our health and quality life. Work-life balance is hard to achieve, and we’re fortunate to have it by doing travel nursing, so we just want to keep it that way.

Woodland Heights is located at the medical heart of Lufkin. It’s near Walmart, CVS pharmacy, most convenient stores, restaurants, hotels and apartments.

I also admire the diversity here. I was used to seeing Hispanics at McAllen. I learned that Deep East Texas’ racial makeup was 59.92% White, 26.58% African American, 0.26% Native American, 1.37% Asian, 0.01% Pacific Islander, 10.31% from other races, and 1.54% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 17.59% of the population. (Wikipedia)

What I learned so far:

1. Patients are the same. It doesn’t really matter wherever you are, as long as you can establish rapport with your patients, and you know the ins and outs of patient care, the procedures needed, skills to have, you can actually pull it off.

2. Being in a different place keeps you on your toes. It stimulates critical thinking and your ability to cope up with adversity. It’s not easy starting all over again, but it sure would add something to your life moments.

3. Workplace would make or break your hospital stay. I’m smiling because my coworkers are great! And if they happen to be the opposite of what I dreamt of having, I’m still going to smile because I know I won’t stay in that place for long.

4. Luis doesn’t like Pumpkin as much as Pumpkin doesn’t like him, but the other day, I saw Pumpkin sleeping near Luis’ spot, so I guess it’s safe to assume that they’re adapting pretty good.

5. Travel nursing is the way to go if you like to learn new things and explore places. I get bored easily with routine stuff so this one is a big revelation to me. I realized that I can’t stay in one place if I want to up my game. After all, I left my home country for the very same reason.

6. I cook more because I find it therapeutic and we save a lot!

7. Compromise is a must if you’re going to travel with your kitty companion. The pet deposits these days are on the roof! But it’s worth it; I really enjoy Pumpkin’s company. And she’s getting fatter day by day! 😂

8. You get to know someone by asking about their interest. I find it surprising when my coworkers ask what we usually do on our days off. In return, we get to ask them. And it’s fun because somehow, they share with you a piece of their life.

9. There are Pinoys everywhere. In our unit, I already met four, and counting. There was a doctor who’s Pinoy and he immediately invited me to a party! I wasn’t able to make it though because it was raining…but the comfort of knowing that there are kababayans near you? I felt relieved. It never fails to hit home.

10. God brings you to a place because He wants to reveal something to you. He lets you wander because He wants you to see the beauty that you’re taking for granted. He introduces you to people because He’s introducing Himself to you all over again. Jesus is Jesus, the name above all names, and I am reminded once again that His victory over my sins is a promise of a lifetime. God fulfills His promises at the right time. I’m really grateful for this opportunity.

More of Lufkin here:

I loved the autumn palette so I also enjoyed posing for #ootd and #wiw with these backdrops:

We haven’t gone to the Lake nearby but maybe one of these days. We’re planning to go to Jollibee next week by the way! ❤️️

I’ve been posting updates on instagram. Follow me there: omgelli is my username.

See you around!


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