How To Post On Instagram From Your PC/Laptop

I’m sure that if you’re reading this, at one point, you’ve encountered the same, quite infinitesimal problem that most instagram users once asked. Perhaps you have tons of stunning high definition photos stored in your PC or laptop that you wanted to upload on this popular social media platform but you just don’t feel like going through the whole process of transferring every photo from your big old gadget to your phone.

Bruuuhhh, I feel you! This was my silent wish before I found out this amazing hack! I’m not making this up. Try this amazing step-by-step guide and feel the magic right at your fingertips.

1. Go to your instagram profile.


It should look like this on your browser. I suggest using Google Chrome for this. Make sure you are logged in as well.

2. Using your keyboard, press CTRL+SHIFT+I if using PC or OPTION+COMMAND+I if using Mac.

In THAT order. Hold it until this comes up:


3. Click the phone-tablet icon beside the word ‘Elements’ located at the upper part of the new panel.


Right after you click it, your instagram profile will be shown like this:

And do you see that little familiar thing in the middle?

Surprise, surprise!!!

4. You can now upload your photos.

Just a heads up:

You can resize your photo and put a caption like the usual, but there’s one little glitch to this method: You can’t use Instagram filters. That’s because Instagram assumes that your photos from your PC or laptop are already awesome! Kidding aside, I think that’s a very minute detail compared to the huge difference this hack can make.

I know you’re going to try this, and while you’re at it, you can follow me on IG @omgelli Let’s be friends!

Do you find this helpful?

Let me know if you do!


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