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10 travel-inspired items we know you can’t resist

You know you have a travel bug when you browse stuff online and you associate everything with your thirst for adventure. I know the feelin'! And since holidays are just around the corner, I'll be featuring gift ideas that are GOLD compared to your last resort which is *drum rolls* gift card. These 10 items are curated for wanderers at heart and from artists that I personally support. You should check out their arts and support them by buying their beautiful products! 

10 travel-inspired items you can't resist

1. Good vibes wall tapestry Get it here

2. Stay wild moon child tote bag Get it here

3. Let's go hoodie Get it here 

4. Vintage Pastel Palm trees iPhone case Get it here

5. Tropical travel mug Get it here

6. Compass wall clock Get it here

7. Storms over Keiisino laptop sleeve Get it here

8. Nebula Vintage Paris comforter Get it here

9. Wild woman tank top Get it here

10. Eat well travel often mug Get it here





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