Stunning views, continental buffet, and other cravings that will make you want to experience Breakfasts on Cruise

Echoes of rustling waves caressing the shore, cloudless cerulean blue sky, and sparkling sunbeams reflecting on water, all while eating your morning dose of pancakes and fruits and enjoying the light lullaby of the ocean— sounds interesting to you? If it does, breakfast on cruise is one thing you shouldn’t miss in your lifetime!

Last September, my SO and I marked our first year together. And what’s a better way to celebrate it than going on a Bahamas cruise! With endless entertainment and activities all lined up for us, we definitely had a good time. But if there’s one thing that remained my favorite- it’s having breakfast while overlooking the seemingly infinite shades of blue. From the farthest sky down to the deepest part of the ocean, there’s something about this view that just quiets my inner self.

Our favorite spot in Carnival Victory was the Lido Restaurant. They open around lunch time, and since we woke up late most of the time, this has been our breakfast spot. They have plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, and the food options are unbelievable. Some features that I loved were Mongolian Wok (I’m Asian hello) Salad Bar, Chef’s Choice, and Pizza Pirate that’s open 24 hours! I remember Luis trying to stop me from getting pizza at 3am. He didn’t win though, my cravings did. There were Carnival Deli and stations for unlimited soft frozen yogurt that we weren’t able to try because in as much as we wanted to eat everything, our tummy couldn’t anymore handle all the food, but they look appetizing, too.

Those times that we actually got up for breakfast time, we had memorable munch at Seaday Brunch and Breakfast Grill. Made-to-order omelettes, fluffy pancakes, and sizzling bacon were of course part of those glorious mornings. Don’t try to miss their hotdogs! I was just shy to ask about the brand that they use, but it’s so juicy and full of flavor! Next time, I promise to ask. I’m just not sure if they’re gonna reveal that secret to me.

On top of that, all these buffets were included in our cruise package! What more can we ask for, right? Devour all the way! Who said something about diet, and figures, and waistlines? After all, those are just numbers! Kidding aside, if you’re on a diet, they have options for you, too. Veggies and calculated calories are on their menu. And the fitness center is located on the same floor! No reason not to maintain your shape or skip the gym.

With happy people around and overflowing food at every corner, it feels like celebration every day.

Also, I think the warm greetings from staff also added to this amazing vibe. I’m so glad we went for Carnival. In case you ask, we booked it at They have good deals, we had many options and most of them are within our budget. I called them to verify our booking, and their customer service is fantastic. Didn’t have to wait for them to connect me to a representative, which was cool for me since I don’t have all the time in the world. I was hesitant at first because of some negative reviews from other customers, but since it’s cheap, I didn’t really expect much. I booked our flight there also, and guess what, even our shore excursions! It’s one big leap of faith for us since it’s the first time that we used their website. But I’m glad we did! It saved us a lot of money in the process.

So there. I think the rest of our cruise trip should be in another post. But for our breakfast fix, Carnival Victory offered us great food, breathtaking view, and one of a kind experience! ‘Til next time!


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5 Quick, Easy, Morning Munch

Who really has that much time to prepare breakfast? Not me. And if I do have time, I still choose to ignore my alarm clock, or snooze it as many times as it would let me. Over time, I developed a certain skill: how to prepare food with eyes closed  half awake. These breakfasts are easy to prepare and would only need a couple of ingredients. Here are my top five favorites that never fail to fuel up an extra boost for my daily hustle:



Who doesn’t love mom’s carefully prepared sandwich? By this time, you’ll realize that your mom really knows time wonders by handing you this ultimate go-to breakfast. Neat and yummm.

How to make one: All you have to do is get a bread of your choice (bun or flat bread), slice your tomatoes, grab some lettuce and cheese, spread the mayo and get a piece or two of your smoked ham, bolognese, or salami, or all of it if you love proteins that much. Make it presentable for an Instagram-worthy post. You go #foodie.


bacon asparagus

Want a healthy meal? This is not it. Because BACON. However, putting asparagus in the picture makes it less guilty.

How to cook a bunch: Heat up your pan until it’s ready for olive oil. Rinse your fresh-cut asparagus while waiting for the pan to get hot. Wrap a strip of bacon around each asparagus, and viola, ready to fry. Such an easy treat for everyone who loves bacon.



Colorful, easy to prepare, and healthy. Plus it offers a variety of flavors especially when your taste buds are having some mood swings. Omelette it is!

How to beat this: Choose your ingredients. If you want a veggie inspired breakfast, you can grab your spinach, tomatoes, and bell peppers. If you’re craving for meats, then get your ham, sausage, or bacon from the fridge. The key to a good omelette is your egg. Yes. Your egg. Beat that, baby! If you’re in for a fluffy meal, mix some mayonnaise with your egg and beat to perfection. Be careful not to put too much mayo though. A teaspoonful is good enough. Add salt according to your preference.

Heat up your pan and pour a little oil on it. Make sure it’s hot enough before you put your ingredients. You can saute your garlic and onions first before others. This will release aroma that’s so appetizing and inviting. Mix in other ingredients, on low fire, and be careful not to burn them. You’d know when, I swear.

Pour in your beaten eggs until it takes the form of your pan. Once it reaches your desired doneness, flip the half like a boss. YOU GOT THIS.


banana pancakes

How cool it is to make a pancake without flour. Yes, you read that right. Aside from it’s healthy, it’s also mouth-watering, and you’ll just can’t get enough.

How to chef it: Make sure your bananas aren’t too ripe or raw. Get three to four bananas, mash them in a bowl, and add 1 egg. You can add a dash of sugar, and a spoonful of butter. Heat your pan, and spray a little oil. By this time your batter has already reached a fine amount of consistency, then prepare it like any other pancakes you’ve made before. Top it with strawberries or blueberries, or even slices of banana. No judgment here. EASY!



Looking a solution to your leftovers? What can go wrong with morning tacos? A balanced meal is sometimes the only thing you need, and THIS nailed it.

How to bring back the YUM: Get your leftover fried chicken or beef. Shred it to fine pieces, slice some onions, and tomatoes. Heat up your skillet, and saute your onions with your meats. Add salt and pepper to taste. You can add a little mayo to give it a desirable texture and sour taste. Make sure your onions are caramelized before you take it out from your pan. Grab your flour tortilla, and put them in it. You can add avocado, tomatoes, and cilantro. Easy grab!

Do you have a personal breakfast recipe that you want to be included here? Comment below!


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