How to make Tostada (the lazy version)

I am always looking for options to simplify cooking and preparing food. I’d rather sleep most of the time than roleplay chef because of my demanding work. But one Saturday night, I found myself craving for Tostada.

Tostada is a Spanish term meaning “toasted.” According to some of my Mexican co-workers, it’s basically fried tortilla. When you have tortilla that is close to its expiration date, you can just fry them and make a set of tostada. The tortilla is fried in boiling oil until it becomes golden, rigid and crunchy, rather like a slice of toasted bread. That way, you don’t contribute to America’s oversupply of leftovers.

Is it just fried tortilla? Actually no.

Tostadas are a dish on their own in Mexico and the American Southwest. Mostly, the toppings used are the same as with tacos, known as “guisados”; beans, cheese, sour cream, chopped lettuce, sliced onions, and salsa are mainstays that may be spread on a tostada, which is then topped with diced and fried meat, usually chicken or pork. They are also popular with seafood such as tuna, shrimp, crab, chopped octopus, and ceviche. 

Sounds like a lot of preparation time right? As they say, the lazy ones always find an easier route. 😂

Here are the ingredients that I bought straight from Walmart:

From left to right, top to bottom: Old El Paso Tostada shells (12 pcs), Rotisserie chicken, Marketside shredded lettuce, Eden Organic Refried Black beans, Cacique Crema Mexicana (sour cream), and Kraft Mexican cheddar jack. All these are under $15, including another box of tostada shells. It serves up to six to eight people.


1. Microwave beans according to instructions. I heated mine for two minutes.

2. Dice the chicken. This is the most time-consuming part of it. So maybe if you can find cooked chicken tenders, it’ll be easier. It’s perfect for leftover meats- Shrimps, beef, porkchops. You can tostada almost everything!

3. Assemble. This is real easy if you know the basics of layering: just don’t mess it up.

In order:

Tostada (of course)





Sour cream

You can also add salsa or even hot sauce if you prefer a spicy version.

Here’s the finished product:

Luis liked it as much as I did! Super yuuummm. And it’s really easy to make. It’s good for appetizer but we ate this for dinner while watching Lost on Netflix. Filled us right up!

As what I’ve said, this is the lazy version. There are much more complicated recipes of Tostadas in the internet. And I bet they’re tastier, too! But we enjoyed this one so I guess it’s win-win. ❤️

Posted on: December 22, 2016, by : Gelli

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