Dear Readers Of The World

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"The door to another world is just a book away."

It's 3am again. You stretch your arms and wiggle your toes while refocusing your blurry gaze. Your fingers fighting the urge to turn another page. You said you're going to stop after four chapters. But here you are - debating whether it is an option to close the door of the world you created in your head or just open your senses to the truth that is work day.

You drag your feet to the kitchen and aim for a cup of coffee. The aroma of fresh brew intensifies your inner villain.

Am I ready to face reality? You asked.

But it's not your work or school or any piled up chore that you are worried about. Those are for ordinary people. You are not ordinary, you tell yourself. You are afraid to see the words - the end. You don't want to, but you know you need to.

Here is the character you loved for a week or two and probably admire for the rest of your life. The place you familiarized with and imagined to explore. Here is the bad guy who made you understand why bad guys do what they do and why bad guys exist in all of us. Here are the questions that opened more bafflement and wonder, and here are the answers hiding between cynical phrases and sarcastic punctuation marks.

You go back to your pillow and fight the urge to finally know what ends it all. You reach for the book resting on your coffee-stained sheet.

Ok. You sighed.

You flip the page and the sound of it already breaks your heart. After falling in love with thoughts and new experiences, you realize that the author screwed you over. You just know that you'll never look at these personified paper people the same way. Whoever filled the characters' shoes, whatever their jobs are, however intolerable their attitude is, you know every detail gave you something valuable in the physical world.

In your make-believe story, the lesson is greater than tragedy. And THIS makes you ready. This makes you equipped with life lessons minus the cost of actually living each circumstance. Why is it always tragic anyway?

You console yourself and say, "Because it ends." 

Book hangover is a real thing.

One week after your last adventure, you browse Netflix but skip every show. Each time, you think nothing is capable of replacing that story that blew your mind away. You associate the characters with sales crew you greet at department stores. You find yourself casually using protagonist's remarkable phrases and sentences in real-life conversations.

You're stuck.

Your friend notices your lack of enthusiasm to listen to their gossips. You convince them otherwise by staring at their forehead and constantly nodding even though you can barely hear anything. The world is on mute, and you're okay. For now.

You compensate your loss with short reads - news and magazine articles related to the book and brief tweets from the author who wrote the book. You silently wish for a sequel or a surprise prequel, and honestly, anything that can prolong the idea of the story in your entity. You crave for the familiar feeling of being involved with the mysteries of every chapter.

This cycle goes on and on until you see somebody holding the very same book. You thought you moved on, but no, this is just the start of the trick. You approached the person and said, "Please tell me you're done reading."

You already imagine talking to him for hours. You visualize how he'd react when you spill a fanfiction you hypothesize to be true. You just know he'd drop his jaw and reread those pages you memorized by heart. And before you know it -

"Nah, I'm just bringing this to a friend."

Your world tears apart and you freeze. How can people carry the world in their hands and not be curious about it? All you wanted is to share your feelings and boxed emotions that book gave you. And before you know it, you're rereading the same book. You just can't let go.

Your sister sees you with the same book and drops a very unwanted comment.

"You read like a turtle."

Some days you just shrug it off but other times, you find yourself in word war against your tribe. It's not easy to be in a household where reading the same book for the nth time is just pretentious. They don't understand. You sighed.



Nobody understands you like a book lover does.


OK, truth time. You end up with this:

You read the same book. The book challenge you've been wanting to achieve for 2017 is a failure. 300 books before 30? Impossible. You meet someone who read a book you're unfamiliar with and you cringe at the thought of being ignorant to their world. You develop a serious case of FOMO: Fear of missing out. ON BOOKS. The very thing you're addicted of having. And you wonder how, HOW ON EARTH, CAN OTHERS achieve that?

What if I tell you that the search for your next read doesn't have to mean days of waiting for your go-to bookstore to update their shelves? What if I tell you that there is a way to ease your hangover by having a book line up, crafted according to your taste, and waiting for you right at your doorstep? And what if I tell you that there is a BIG COMMUNITY of readers out there that reads what you read AND hosts discussions about theories after theories and insights after insights of pages you keep going back to over and over?

That's what Book Of The Month club does for you. I wrote about them last month and I'm still talking about them. WHY? Because I am a fan! Here is my post last March if you want to know more about them.

So how does it work?

I know you won’t sign up right away if you don’t know how it works. Because you are smart like that.

Three simple phrases: Awesome books. Better reading. Every month.


What you need to know:


  • You get one book every month from 5 GREAT selections of BOTM judges. You can choose which book to get. If ever you get curious who the judges are, THEY are professionals in their field. Some are news writers, celebrities, hosts, editors, YOU REALLY NEED TO CHECK OUT THEIR WEBSITE because they are all awesomeeee!
  • If you want to add a book, you pay additional $9.99. Due to their great selections, I bet you’ll pay for more. Don’t worry. It’s FREE SHIPPING.
  • If ever you don’t feel like buying one from their great selections, you can skip any month. No hassle of unsubscribing. Because they know you’ll go back for more.
  • Say you come across a book that your friend will love, YOU CAN OPT TO GIVE IT AS A GIFT! No stress of wrapping it because they’re gonna make sure it will be delivered in a special way, just like how you’d want it to be.
  • PLUS you get an exclusive review from one of their judges. What if you receive a review from a news anchor that you love or a writer that you’re dying to see? What a BONUS right?! And it makes a great bookmark, too!


Right now, on my instagram account, there is a giveaway going on!

And I can't wait for you to join as well!


Best of luck, guys!

Posted on: April 12, 2017, by : Gelli
  • Tengkubutang Miaw

    i love your photo.. look very sharp and beautiful view

  • Claire Chin

    Sometimes a good book and an alone time is all we need 🙂

  • I would love to win this! Going to enter now!

  • Emily Lowe

    I love reading but because I am writing more these days, it is just so hard to find the time and energy to read. I usually fall asleep with an open book.

  • The Taste Team, LLC

    I totally get this! Couldn’t have put this better myself! People don’t know what they’re missing without good books. It’s like a movie that improves your vocabulary. The world could come crashing down and all I need is a pen, paper, my imagination, and a good book.

  • Leigh

    As someone with an Amazon wish-list of 300+ books, I can definitely relate! I get in trouble when I order a bunch from the library and they all come in at once – I feel like I have to lock myself at home and read them all before they are due back!

  • Joy Jone

    I Love to read and respect book readers. Anything time l find a good book , l create time to read it

  • Omg I can so relate to a book hangover. Especially shows too. When my favourite series ends I feel a bit withdrawn and usually it’s very hard to find a replacement. The withdrawal symptoms are too serious 😂 Glad it’s not me alone feel that way. But at least once we find a new book a show that’s great we kinda move on from the past ones. Great post.

  • This was so well written! Recognized myself so much as a book lover!

  • Ramona Jessica Nadong

    This book was really well thought. I admire how much effort you put on the review. It makes me want to buy this book

  • Fatin Bella

    Your writing well written! Goodluck to those who join the giveaway 😀

  • Jia Shin Lee

    I can totally relate to this and I think I need to read up more ever since I started working I hardly have time for books anymore which is such a pity.

  • I usually just borrow books from my sister-in-law because she has a lot and we somehow have the same taste. Hehe! Reading books could really put you in another world which is awesome! 🙂

  • Portia Jones

    What a lovely post, I absolutely love reading!

  • joysofyz yunzi

    lovely post, I used to read so many books until I find newsletters faster and easier to bring along HAHAHA

  • Megan Z

    I am such a book lover. I never knew what a “book hangover” was but now I’m sure I have had one. I’ve found myself listlessly searching for a similar story line but having to come to terms with the fact that it’ll never be as good as the book I just finished. But then I have to remind myself there are other books that ARE just as good, just different! Great read!


  • Although I’m not a book lover but I think those book readers will be appreciate your giveaway! =)

  • Sharon Lee

    I hope that I will have more time to read books too! This program is really gonna beneficial to all books lover around =)

  • Bella Leong

    Wow this is so good to have a website to choose the great selection books, gonna check them out. Thanks for sharing

  • I have book hangover all the time, but just like the drunks, I keep on looking for new books! Haha

  • shamiera osment

    its been a long time I didnt have book hangover.. i should start looking for new book i guess.

  • Ivy Kam

    I need to pick up again my reading habit, like seriously 🙂

  • Kelly Chin

    I love to read, usually i get to to that when i travel either in the plane or train.


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