Lemon Garlic Shrimp Pasta



8 ounces Linguine Pasta

2 Tablespoons olive oil

6 Tablespoons butter

4 cloves garlic, minced

1 teaspoon red pepper flakes

2 pound medium shrimp

salt and pepper to taste

4 cups baby spinach

½ cup parmesan cheese

2 Tablespoons parsley, chopped

4 lemons



1. In a large pot, cook the pasta in boiling water according to package directions. 10 minutes is usually the magic number that works for me. Add 2 tbsp salt and cooking oil. Salted water flavors the pasta from the inside out as the pasta absorbs the water, leading to tastier pasta. When it comes to adding olive oil, there are different opinion about this. Here's what I learned from watching Food Network when it comes to putting oil in your pasta water:

Rule of thumb: If you are making a thick sauce- including tomato paste, creamy mushroom, lots of cheese- for your pasta, DO NOT put oil in pasta water. It will prevent your pasta from absorbing your sauce. If your sauce is olive oil-based, YOU CAN ADD olive oil in your pasta water.


2. Drain and set aside.

3. Using the same pan, heat olive oil and 2 tablespoons of butter. Add the garlic and red pepper flakes and cook until fragrant.

4. Add the shrimp and salt and pepper to taste. Cook until the shrimp start to turn pink.

5. Add spinach and cook until wilted.

6. Add the pasta back to the pot with the remaining butter, parmesan, and parsley. Still until mixed and butter is melted.

7. Add the lemon juice before serving and serve while hot.

Let me know if you tried this recipe. 🙂

Hi! Today is October 8, 2016. I’m almost finished creating my pages.

What I have done so far:
-Increase my Pinterest followers to 621.
-According to Bloglovin’ my total reach is 901.
-Arrange links from categories to tags

I had a hard time creating my pages. I used to have categories as menus, but I later on realized that it’s not visually appealing. Aside from that, it’s harder to manage in the long run. I’m still learning a lot of stuff, but I’m really passionate about what I do. Back to work!

>>>Much love and hearts, G.

About OMG!

Writing has always been my pastime. No, actually, it’s thinking, and staring at the ceiling while lying on my bed and contemplating on what I want to do in the next five hours or days or years. But from another human’s point of view, that’s the bum life. Writing saved me from that notion because in writing, you create something from your thoughts. And that’s why I resorted to stitching words together and sharing it to the world wide web. It’s not doing nothing, my friends. I’m thinking. Lol.




“Omg!” Blurting it out while I was thinking one August night. That’s how this started. Seriously. It was one week before my birthday, I was brainstorming with my invisible friends on how I wanted my 25th year to unfold. I don’t know if it’s quarter-life crisis but I just know that I missed writing. I badly wanted to write again and not be afraid to express my thoughts on things I want to share.



Oh my Gelli is one of my childhood thought bubbles. Whenever I do something crazy or terrible, or anything that knocks on my guilt gut, I imagine my mom in her Filipino-bred American accent saying this. This blog is my guilt center. I just feel guilty doing a lot of stuff while my family is miles away from me. I eat out a lot, travel wherever I want to go, and do something I love, all while having a career that satisfies my paycheck and purpose on earth. Although I send money religiously, it feels wrong enjoying stuff that they, too, should be enjoying by now.

Creating this blog, I realized, it shouldn’t be our story. The end game is for us to be together again. And me curating this, is me connecting to people I love, and relating my experiences to other lost souls trying to mend their relationships with family, friends, God, and their inner self.



What to write

Oh my Gelli isn’t just a thought bubble anymore. Over a span of three months meeting writers, creative thinkers, and bloggers online, I was able to fully grasp the whole idea of monetizing a blog. Not everybody gets paid to write what they already write, so I’m blessed to actually profit from my pastime without spending too much. Sure, there are fees to maintain this blog and fees for services of creative people whom I trust, but doing something you love? That’s priceless. So did I make this to earn? Partly. I won’t lie. But I choose to stay true to myself. And while there are million ways to earn from blogging, I choose to write with my soul.

Our mission is to encourage self-expression, promote arts, and tell stories. Through sharing one’s lifestyle, we tell our story to other people.



Sharing ideas is the bloodline of this site. This blog aspires to collect and curate pieces of information, stories, and discussions that would make our readers’ time worthwhile.

Food/Bites page includes recipes that are personally picked, restaurants and dishes we tried, and some kitchen wonders that can help you with your cooking groove. I am no cook, and this portion is inspired by my mom who loves everything food.

Travel/Wanders page is a compilation of adventures and misadventures when hopping from point A to point B, especially when I’m not meditating in my apartment in Vermont Ave. I love to travel, and I travel every chance and vacation leave I can get. Itineraries that are featured are sourced from travel guides that I used so expect some side stories, and I’m already saying sorry in advance. This page has the most photos because if it’s not snapped, it didn’t happen so if you don’t like reading much, you might like this page.

Career/Scrubs page is for career-oriented people like me. I am a nurse by profession, and I take pride in it. This job has showed me the worst and best in every sick soul there is. But not everything is Grey’s Anatomy-ish. We also complain a lot. From being understaffed to endless admissions and discharge, from complicated patients to littlest of details like choosing the right amount of make up at work. You see, we’re humans and not supermen. If you’re a work machine like us, feel free to dread this page.

Creatives/Scribbles page is not a page at all. It’s meant to serve as a fun corner for me and my creative team. This page is so random, good luck finding what you’re really looking for. It’s for poetry, typographies, personal somethings, and other artsy and not-so-artsy outlets that are abused by mainstream media. Not all poets are drunk, and not all who create suffer from depression. There are people who create just because.




Hello! Hello! I’m a boring person in real life. I know it’s not a good introduction but it is what it is. I wake up at 4 am and brew my coffee. I shower for 45 minutes to an hour because I really enjoy warm water piercing through my soul, just kidding. I prep for 15 minutes, and I leave my apartment at 6am and arrive at the hospital at 6:10. I start my work at 6:40, and I drive home at 8pm. I wash up before sleeping, and I blog at 9. I sleep around 10. In between these, I feed my cat, Pumpkin, text my boyfriend, Luis, and spend quality time with God using my Bible app.



I catch up with my family in Italy through Facebook video chat. I do *dates* with boyfie. We’re actually the annoying tall-guy-short-girl kind of couple, and we don’t like being stereotyped as cute, because we are more than a cute couple. *Cheese alert* We're meant to be. (I know he'll blush if he happens to read this, and I'll roll my eyes in anticipation) I do my laundry during off because I only have 5 pairs. All faded because I accidentally put a bleaching agent one time, and I don’t really care. I binge on TEDtalks on Netflix while folding my clothes, and listen to random playlists while ironing scrubs. Sometimes I cook, other times, I starve to death, or order a box of pizza that I’ll regret ordering later on. Cristina Yang is my spirit animal, and Olivia Pope is my gut. I follow John Green and James Patterson on twitter, and I do a Sarah Kay while I pet my cat.



I am fond of books and vinyls, and notebooks and pens. I like cats because they are smart and I don’t have to walk them. I appreciate the music of my generation but I always go back to Bob Dylan’s and Air Supply’s. I prefer vinyls over headphones. I prefer headphones over earbuds. I used to think I have narcolepsy way back my college days because I slept anytime, anywhere. I slept during lectures. (Up to now, I still don’t know how I got my BSN.) I slept from bayan to kanto and vice versa. I slept in jeepneys and tricycles. I slept while charting during my clinicals. I slept during endorsement, and yes, while standing. I used to suffer from sleep paralysis, but I managed by getting enough sleep. I have scoliosis and a big appetite for everything spicy. I dislike sour food, and I still don’t get why some people love gummy worms, jello, and apple sauce. I love Pinterest and Bloglovin’ and I believe you should follow me there! Or you can just subscribe to this blog. 

If you are one of those amazing people who still want a boring person in their feed, follow me here:

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Thank you for stopping by!

About the curator

What's in a name

When I was still in the Philippines, it's very rare that somebody would ask the reason behind my name. Maybe because it's pretty common in my home country. Staying in US for three years now, I learned that my name here sounds cute, but quite odd. So they (actually most of them are my patients) naturally ask why I have this name. At first I don't have an answer. But being asked the same question from different people, I finally formulated my own version. But before that, let me tell you some interesting facts/philosophy about my name that I found online:


The name of Gelli contains within it an intense emotional power that could drive you to put forth great effort to accomplish your ambitions and to do something noteworthy and worthwhile.

Intense. Emotional power. Stop right there, I'm not quite emotional. Maybe moody or hormonal, but emotional? I'm pretty ambitious though, so I'll give you that. In terms of accomplishing things, I am more driven when I know that I do it for a purpose or for a greater good other than my personal achievement.

There are humanitarian ideals in this name, making you feel the urge to champion the cause of the downtrodden, the victims of circumstances and injustices.

I like how this sounds. Victims. Injustices. I once dreamt of becoming a lawyer, trashed the whole idea, then became a nurse instead. No regrets! I face real people who are in need of healing, and not tons of divorce papers and court drama, so there.

However, it is difficult for you to materialize your ideals because of a restless, unsettled feeling which causes you never to know just what it is that you should be working toward, and the very intensity of your nature makes systematic concentration and application a challenge.

I must agree on this one. It drives me crazy finishing things. I feel restless and unsettled. I don't know if that's anxiety speaking to me or just my thoughts on stuff that I want to pursue.

You can have intensely contrasting feelings toward people, either you are fiercely loyal or extremely intolerant.

Ask my boyfriend, Luis, and he'll agree on this. But I have the most patient boyfriend, everrrr. Lucky me!

There is rarely a happy medium in your feelings.

I'm going to disagree on this one. I don't just express my happiness, I live with it. I am happy and content with everything that's going on in my life right now. I look depressed and haggard, though, if that's what you mean. 

Consequently, you experience many disappointments in people, tragedy, and the loss of the very things for which you may be intensely striving.

Humans disappoint me, yes. But I love them nonetheless. As for personal tragedy and loss, I just suck it in. It's all about perspective. Once you learn how to tough it up, you break the chain that connects negative vibes.

Bitter experiences could make you cynical, critical, and argumentative.

No. Bitter experiences made me stronger, wiser, and lovelier more than ever.

I don't want discussing philosophy with patients because one, I don't have time. Two, they're already in pain and these things are heavy to mentally digest. So I tell them that GE is from my father, Geoffrey, and LLI is from my mom, Linda. Convincing, right? But I don't really know where my name came from. I figured it's the origin of it since most Filipinos are cheesy like that. I didn't bother asking my mom because I don't know, maybe I'm just not curious at all. 

I have more to say about me, but I'll let this blog unfold every bit of Gelli. See you around!


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