5 Reasons To Visit San Antonio

Culture is rich in this southern corner of Texas Triangle. I have toured San Antonio more than any other big cities composing Lone Star State because I just can't get enough of this place! It welcomes you with colorful autumn trees and European-inspired architectures, all while meeting a culturally diverse community of warm people. Who wouldn't want long walks under the iconic umbrellas at Riverwalk? Or have a fancy dinner, 750 feet from the ground, in a revolving restaurant at Tower of the Americas? These are just two of my favorites. Here are my top 5 reasons why you should visit San Antonio:

  1. Local food

San Antonio's culinary landscape is a haven for foodies who seek great dining experience. The city offers a handful of taste fusions, cocktail bars, and truckside culinary buffet that will introduce you to adventurous cuisine and bold flavors. Whether you fancy Tex-Mex or Greek, they have a tasteful list to keep your gourmand going. Click here for must-try food places.


2. Heritage sites

Just like people, cities have personalities. And honestly, San Antonio has a unique and remarkable trait- it is a blend of traditions that were passed from one generation to another. From Mexicans colonizing the city to Asians and Africans touring around, each culture had touched this place in every historical way. Museum and galleries are endless, performing arts is a treasure, and what more? This city is where the great Alamo can be found. I personally enjoyed the audio tour in this historic landmark; it was comprehensive and informative in all angles.


3. Nightlife

A full-blast hangout night in San Antonio is like no other. Latin rhythms will make you shake your hips in the middle of Main Plaza, and hypnotize you to rock the dance floor together with other friendly faces in boots and cowboy hats. Music is alive in this place all year round, especially when the sun goes down. If you think the day is over, it's just the start of total jazz fun at Graham Central Station. Don't miss the entertainment scene because whatever your mood is, San Antonio got you covered.


4. Countryside

San Antonio is on the edge of Texas Hill County and you know what this means? This means scenic terrains and picturesque rolling streets are just around the corner. Storybook farms and private ranches dot the countryside. You'll be surprised to find antique shops and people speaking German in Fredericksburg. Vineyards will capture your hearts too. Pro tip: Follow the Wine and Wildflower Trail in April or the Texas Wine Month Trail in October to sample some of the award-winning vintages produced by more than 30 regional wineries. Hill Country isn't a hotspot for wine connoisseurs for nothing.


5. Sports

San Antonio's perfect sunny weather is just an icing on the cake for every sports participant and fanatic out there. I am very lucky to catch some hoop action from five-time world champion San Antonio Spurs. Oh boy did I scream each time they score over Cavaliers, such a reliving moment! I'd watch it again in a heartbeat. Race cars are also a hit as Formula 1 brings more racing enthusiasts in the city. Are you into biking and thrill-seeking outdoor adventures? Long trails, adventure parks, and strolling paths are going to overwhelm your adrenaline thirst because everything that you ever want is within miles away from Downtown. This website may come in handy for sports events, if ever you want to hop right on.


Ever been to San Antonio? Share your experiences, too! If you haven't been to this city, it's worth the trip! 🙂

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Posted on: September 14, 2016, by : Gelli

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