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Smart Ways To Improve Cat Plays

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Believe it or not, the notion that cats love to sleep all day and not do anything is a myth. This may come as a surprise to you especially when you catch a glimpse of your cat sleeping soundly at the corner and occasionally stretching its legs. What would you give for a peaceful catnap like that, right? I know, I can totally relate! Everybody loves a good slumber just like the rest of our feline buddies.

But just like you, our furry friends need mental and physical stimulation in order to improve their wellbeing. And what is more fun and engaging than promoting playtime? Quality plays are important in their growth and health. Not only does it boost circulation throughout their body, it also lets them maintain their ideal weight.

There are many ways on how to introduce activities to your little companion but I’m here to tell you three important ways on how to easily develop playtime activities that your cats will love. 



  1. Treat your cats like how you would treat yourself.

First of all, it’s important to take note of what your pet likes to do, eat, and play with. Does your cat prefer chicken over turkey? Or does she eat less when you offer seafood-flavored products? What’s her reaction to catnip? Does it make her more active than her usual self? Or does it make her calm and sleepy?

Pumpkin is turning one this June, and I can’t wait for her birthday. The fact that I was able to take care of her from day one is such a miracle to me. At first, I had doubts whether I can be a responsible pet owner, but looking back, I wish I never doubted myself. You might think that having a one year old kitty is already enough to know everything about her. No! Not in the slightest. Why so? Because just days ago, I discovered that she doesn’t like yarn balls as toy. Guess what she prefers!? Paper! A crumpled paper!

I knew that since she was four months old but crumpled paper over a commercialized yarn ball? You’ve got to be kidding me. It’s funny because I never really intended to buy that ball at Petsmart. BUT it was on sale! And it’s tempting to buy, I feel like it’s even calling my name! At least for next time, mumshie doesn’t need to spend a dime, lol.

Good thing Purina®‘s Party Mix is always there to save the day. It’s one treat that Pumpkin loves and won’t stop eating especially after a good walk. That’s how good and tasty it is! I particularly love their packaging because I can bring it anywhere we go without fear of it getting wet and the cap makes a perfect temporary bowl, too.

She enjoys it so much that she even posed for a photo sesh! I assure you, the playtime party will never be over with this treat.


2. Engage them in your activities. Your pet loves being with you!


And I mean DAILY activities. Whether you’re reading a book, doing groceries, binge-watching on your favorite episodes, even sleeping (this one counts of course!), your feline friend undoubtedly enjoys your company!

Pumpkin loves to be with me all the time. As soon as she hears my voice whenever I get home from work, I can already hear her meowing from her room. It’s such a delight to know that somebody’s waiting for me every day. It’s part of my day that I always look forward to. She just makes me feel loved and wanted which I definitely reciprocate with all my heart.

Included in the activities that we enjoy doing together is shopping! Just the other day, I brought her to Petsmart to buy her monthly supply of food and extra goodies. We bought Purina One, her all-time favorite daily food, Purina Tidy Cats, and some Friskies Party Mix. She met a lot of strangers, too! I’m sure she enjoyed all the his and hellos from them.

Her favorite aisle is the cat food aisle of course! We are currently in Lynchburg and the set up is a little bit different compared to McAllen’s. Here, the cat section is on the right corner. It’s pretty easy to find actually, since the big signs are obvious on top.

And if ever you get lost, your kitty companion can sniff the way! I swear, Pumpkin knows where the food section is!

3. Happy tummy equals happy life.

No matter how much treat you give, or the quantity of time you spend with your pet, everything comes down to one thing: quality food. I’m not saying you need to buy the most expensive one, all I’m saying is when you consider buying cat food, you should consider the brand that you can trust. And for me, I only trust Purina. It’s your average brand, yes. But it has proven itself worldwide and has been one of the most trusted brands ever since.

Pumpkin never had an issue with this brand and I’m really happy about it. No diarrhea, whatsoever. I’m a nurse by profession and I take into account all the nutrients that she is required to have. It’s vital to consider especially because she is in her growing years. Don’t forget that their energy depends on their intake.

In addition, I am very much aware that, like humans, our pets like variety when it comes to texture and taste of food. And it’s one of the major points of Purina products. They have tons of options when it comes to food and treats. Wait, did I mention they also have litters? All in one brand, right?

This post may sound like selling too much for a brand, but it’s not really about the brand, honestly.

It’s about how we give the love back to our pets. They just give too much, don’t you think?

All I’m saying is they deserve the best that they can have. And how can we give that? By knowing how to take care of them. And by being smart on how we deal with them on a daily basis. After all, everybody should be petsmart. 😉

Promotion for Petsmart shoppers like me:


If you spend $40 on Purina products from June 1-30, you can get a $10 gift card. All you need to do is register with your contact information and then upload receipt to the redemption site. You will then receive an email confirming registration that will also feature Purina promotional deals that will also link through the A physical $10 Petsmart gift card will be mailed to the you in 4-8 weeks to use for follow up visit. Sounds good?

If you have questions, let me know.



Do you have pets?

Let me know in the comments how you make them feel that they are loved!

How To Post On Instagram From Your PC/Laptop

I’m sure that if you’re reading this, at one point, you’ve encountered the same, quite infinitesimal problem that most instagram users once asked. Perhaps you have tons of stunning high definition photos stored in your PC or laptop that you wanted to upload on this popular social media platform but you just don’t feel like going through the whole process of transferring every photo from your big old gadget to your phone.

Bruuuhhh, I feel you! This was my silent wish before I found out this amazing hack! I’m not making this up. Try this amazing step-by-step guide and feel the magic right at your fingertips.

1. Go to your instagram profile.


It should look like this on your browser. I suggest using Google Chrome for this. Make sure you are logged in as well.

2. Using your keyboard, press CTRL+SHIFT+I if using PC or OPTION+COMMAND+I if using Mac.

In THAT order. Hold it until this comes up:


3. Click the phone-tablet icon beside the word ‘Elements’ located at the upper part of the new panel.


Right after you click it, your instagram profile will be shown like this:

And do you see that little familiar thing in the middle?

Surprise, surprise!!!

4. You can now upload your photos.

Just a heads up:

You can resize your photo and put a caption like the usual, but there’s one little glitch to this method: You can’t use Instagram filters. That’s because Instagram assumes that your photos from your PC or laptop are already awesome! Kidding aside, I think that’s a very minute detail compared to the huge difference this hack can make.

I know you’re going to try this, and while you’re at it, you can follow me on IG @omgelli Let’s be friends!

Do you find this helpful?

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5 Things About Lynchburg That Surprised Me

It’s the second week of May and as you all know, I’m here in Lynchburg, Virginia for my second travel nursing assignment. It’s quite lengthy if I tell you everything that happened since my first day here, but I figured you can benefit from this post if I tell you stuff that surprised me from a Texan’s point of view. OK, before you react violently, I’m not from Texas originally, lol, but I’ve spent my last three years in Texas and even if I deny it, I’ve been accustomed to some of its ways and culture. Howdy y’all!

These little things that I observed are from my two weeks of stay, so I’m sure there’d be more to this list in the next months. But for now, here are five things in Lynchburg that surprised me.

1. Lynchburg has no HEB

I already expected the absence of Whataburger (oh snap, YES it is real!) but HEB? I honestly thought that it is America’s first choice when it comes to grocery shopping. Next to Walmart, of course. But really?! HEB is like TX’s go-to grocery store. So on our first week, Luis and I searched for an alternative and found out that Lynchburg has a community market. How cool is that? We haven’t been there yet, but we’re planning to go next time we do our grocery shopping. For this week’s groceries, we went to Kroger and applied for their membership. I know that we’re only staying for three months, but I couldn’t say no to the nice sales person who offered a discount. Kroger looks like HEB but with more organic options I think.

I actually like Kroger even though it’s more expensive than HEB because of its quality ham. I know it’s a petty reason but we always buy ham for our sandwiches and I can assure you that I love their sweet ham. It’s nothing like the HEB brand. lol sorry! Anyway, the size of the establishment is almost the same as HEB so maybe we won’t miss the latter that much.

2. Roller coaster roads

Located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains along the banks of the James River, Lynchburg is known as the “City of Seven Hills” or the “Hill City”. (Wikipedia)

YES, I know we are in the Hill City, but nobody briefed us about our route going to the hospital and that the drive every day would feel like we’re in an amusement park. I loved it at first but my gut doesn’t. I know we’re only feeling like this at first and it’d go away eventually, hopefully soon. I’m not complaining, though. It’s not that bad. On a different note, I commend the drainage system in the city because even if it rained many times last week, and even with those dips in major alleys, we never had an issue with flood build-up.

The only issue actually is the gas. I think the car consumes more fuel to go up and down, right? Or am I making this up? But it makes sense though, because of the force going up. But I don’t really know. Lol.

3. Erratic weather

I was totally expecting a cold weather! You can’t blame me, Lynchburg is in the mountain. And a week before our trip, I was looking at my phone’s Weather app in order to monitor the trend of temperature- it was ranging from 40s to 60s. Travelers could relate to this: weather is crucial for packing because jackets, boots, and coats take a lot of space. I was not disappointed that it’s not cold because I don’t like snow or anything under 50 degrees Fahrenheit. My DNA likes tropical weather, don’t get me wrong on this one. However, when packing is compromised with minute details like this, it’s a little frustrating. I should have brought more summer dresses! Lol.

Anyway, the weather has been amazing so far! There are little rain showers that we experienced but it didn’t really last that long. We were able to go to parks and nearby stores on our first week which is pretty cool because we didn’t expect to explore the place before our clinical duty starts. So the weather actually did us a favor. It’s somewhat erratic, but totally manageable.

4. Low cost of living

We’re in Virginia so I anticipated that our cost of living would dramatically increase. Thank God, it didn’t. I was amazed that we didn’t have to adjust our monthly expenses. It’s almost the same! We were even able to rent a three-bedroom house for only $1250/mo including all our utilities except our Wifi installation. Groceries cost the same; we usually allot $150/week, more or less. Gas doesn’t vary much throughout the country so I’m not really expecting that to change.

For a small city, the cost of living is well distributed- from housing to food. I can’t really tell if it’s actually balanced with their job opportunities and wage range. It’s hard to estimate on our part because our travel contract is only good for three months.

Oh speaking of housing, I want to share with you how we found this temporary home of ours. Initially, we were planning to stay in a hotel for two weeks like what we did in Lufkin. Then just scout around for an apartment that accepts short lease and is  move-in ready and at the same time, pet-friendly. So we arrived here in Lynchburg Sunday morning, like around 8am; the check in time at our hotel was 3pm. So we had extra time to explore. But then we were so tired to even tour around. We ended up at Centra General’s parking lot after I was able to convince Luis to check out our workplace.

So while we’re at the parking lot and killing time, I browsed Craigslist for housing rentals and sublets nearby. And there we found Gwen’s post about this house. I called the number enlisted and he immediately responded. I told him we’ll see the place, and right there and then, we signed the contract and cancelled our hotel booking. Such a rush but this is totally one of those unexpected blessings. Not only did we save expenses for a costly hotel booking, we did settle in perfectly in no time!

5. Friendly neighborhood

We were so fortunate to be in our little neighborhood in Yancey Street. The people here greeted us with warm smiles and enthusiastic nods. We learned from the house’s owner that the place is homed by only one extended family that’s why everybody knows everybody. And they are very helpful, too!

Don’t judge me for this but on our first day, I thought I lost my little kitty, Pumpkin! I went all hysterical and did a pretty ugly cry for this. It’s because I opened the door going to the backyard and I didn’t realize that Pumpkin is just around lurking at the corner. You know how cats are. So when I couldn’t find her inside the house, I panicked and instantly thought that she ran outside. I then approached our friendly neighbors and told them about my missing furry companion. Without much introduction, they immediately helped us look for Pumpkin. All those trouble only to find out that Pumpkin was hiding under our bed. Geez! What a first day.

Let me just share with you some of the photos we took while we toured around. We haven’t really explored the place but since we’re so excited to be here, there you go:

Lynchburg photos


So far, we’re liking it here.

Where are you planning to go this May?

Let me know in the comments!

My Hair Story: How Natural Curls Straightened My Way of Thinking

Disclaimer: This post contains sponsored links from Hairstory c/o Bloglovin.

I’m twenty five years old, and for 25 years, I’ve had rebonding six times, gone to salon more than fifty times, and used a straightening iron more times than I can remember how my natural hair looks like.

You see, I have an unexplained dislike for my curls. I can condemn the culture I grew up in for popularizing the distasteful “kulot ay salot” (curly is cursed) or I can unapologetically point my finger at the ugly society altogether for coercing everybody to fit in a mold of what normal should look like, or for teaching us to desire what we don’t have.

Since I grew up with a curly hair, it’s “common” to want a straight hair simply because it’s easier to manage. Having curls demands time, effort, and lots of patience. Braids and mainstream hairstyles need a lot of adjusting, gels, and hair wax to maintain our hair kept for the whole day. We can’t just wake up, take a photo, and caption it with #wokeuplikethis and not look like a bruha with a nest on our head. No, I’m not even exaggerating.

So you’ll know by now where all the hair change came from. Right now, my hair is a little over shoulder-length, naturally bouncing with curls, and I’m totally loving it. If you ask me 10 years ago if I’d love my hair today, I’m sure my answer would be different. It takes a lot of maturity to accept what you have, and to feel content with what you are given.

When I accepted the 30-day challenge by Hairstory, I thought I’ll regret abandoning shampoo and conditioner. With the type of hair that I have, it’s pretty scary to try a product meant to “restore” my natural crowning glory. There are doubts, sure. But I was more afraid of what I’d feel afterwards. What if I don’t like it? How would I write about it? What if even after all this time, I still hate my curls? It was a pretty rough decision for me-  but then again, that’s why it’s called a “challenge.”

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you’d notice that I’m pretty obsessed on how I do my product reviews. It’s either I like it or not. And I always tell my sponsors about that, and every time, they’d tell me beforehand that I’d love their products. Maybe it’s to condition me as well that everything will turn out great. And true enough, my experience with Hairstory was nothing but extraordinary.



Say no to shampoo. New Wash is the new way to clean hair with aloe and essential oils – instead of detergent – to respect the natural moisture barrier. New Wash works on EVERY type of hair, and you’ll never need conditioner again to mask the damage that shampoo and detergent cause. Rediscover your hair, restore its vitality, and prepare to be amazed. Hairstory


Not a shampoo? Not a conditioner?


I know it’s hard to fully grasp the idea. But let me tell you what I know. Let’s start with its cleansing properties. It claims to have Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice which cleanses pores and balances scalp pH. It also adds shine and softness, and surprisingly has anti-inflammatory properties. That means if you have dandruff or itchy scalp, this could be a great option to try. Another ingredient that I like are Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil and Oenothera Biennis (Evening Primrose) Oil. They both loosen and dissolve hardened sebum around the hair follicle that can cause hair loss. I don’t know if you experience hair fall frequently, but I do, and it’s one thing that I observed from using New Wash- less hair fall!

And they say, no conditioner, right? So how come my hair feels really soft afterwards? Let’s take a look at its conditioning properties as well. First of all, it has Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine that conditions without build-up; unlike commercialized conditioners, New Wash has this property to improve wet and dry combing and to provide static control. It doesn’t only help with moisture and shine, it also prevents hair damage. I’ve heard of Equisetum Hiemale extract before for its rich mineral content so I’m quite surprised to know that New Wash also contains this mineral. This helps to strengthen and condition the hair shaft; provides shine and elasticity; promotes circulation and rejuvenation with a soft, smooth, firming effect on skin.

Product review


In terms of packaging, it’s what minimalists have in mind when they think of presenting a product. New Wash is contained in a white box with bold and orange letters. I find it cool because they have their own way of making a statement in a world full of definitions and unnecessary details.

Scent. If you’re someone with a penchant for flowery scent, this is not your guy. I find it minty with a hint of eucalyptus and therapeutic oils more than anything. It’s relaxing and refreshing at the same time. The scent actually reminded me of the last time I went for hair spa. It kinda gives you that vibe.


  1. Expect a totally new experience:
  2. Thoroughly wet hair.
  3. Cover hair and scalp with New Wash.
  4. Be sure to use enough! Not enough = Not clean.
  5. Take a few minutes to massage it into hair and scalp to distribute evenly. (This is my favorite part because the scent is just relaxing. I really took the time to massage my scalp.)
  6. Make sure to rinse extremely well.
  7. For long hair, comb through before rinsing.
  8. Do NOT condition; you won’t need to
  9. Revel in your new, modern, amazing hair.

Let me just tell you that it’s not runny like other shampoo. It’s not slimy either. The texture is more like lotion but less sticky, if you know what I mean. It doesn’t bubble, too. And that is actually a good thing because you’re finally putting something that benefits you in the long run.

Do I like it? YES.

I’ll rate it 4 of 5. But the remaining 1 is mostly for the price. It costs $40 per 8oz, and I know it’s expensive for a consumable commodity.

After using it for 30 days, I feel like my hair is less greasy and more moisturized. I actually thought I can pull a bangs with this since my issue with it is getting pimples on my forehead. But then I got so satisfied with my hair right now that I can now go out without putting any hair products on. Just my bare hair- feeling more bold and amazing than everr.

This New Wash challenge is more of an eyeopening thing for me, to be honest. It’s not every day that you’d think about why we use stuff that we use, or act the way we act. If we knew decades ago that shampoo could be out of equation, do you think the way we treat our hair would be different? It’s not also every day that I get to assess my hairstyling choices and how they affect my hair in general. If you’re into embracing the natural “YOU,” I swear you’ll love this product like I do. At the end of the day, what matters is how you see yourself.

Whether you have a flat and thin hair or a curly-all-over-the-place tangles, or perhaps you’ve just recently dyed your strands in unicorn hues, whatever your hair story is, I’m telling you: your hair story is meant to be shared.



and see it for yourself!


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