Day: October 15, 2016

10 Smart Hacks Every Wanderlust Should Know

If there's one thing I don't like about traveling, it's the "before" of every trip. I always find myself cramming to buy essentials I forgot to bring, or losing accessories and cords that go missing at the exact moment I badly-badlyyy- need them. (Feel me, bruuh?) I love planning but there are things that planning couldn't do for you. In terms of saving money, time, and space, there are a lot of smart ways you can do that are way better than the traditional travel preps you always go for:

1.Book your flight 54 DAYS IN ADVANCE.

This is a secret shared to me by my friend who happened to be in a research team of an airline company. I googled it myself and I was amazed by the algorithm that these airlines use. True enough, with 3M trips (within US) collated and analyzed, that's the magic number that will save you a dime!

 2. Maximize containers.

Do you have a pill/ sun glass container lying around your house? Bring it to good use by utilizing it as your wonder organizer. You'll never lose a pair of earrings again! It's also the best container for earplugs and memory cards. These little things are easy to misplace and I assure you, it's truly surprising how many important things these containers can fit in.


3. Ladies, forget your hot curling tools.

Aside from carrying its weight, it's also prone to malfunction after a bumpy travel. Here's a pro tip for you: Spritz damp hair with sea salt spray, cover it with towel, do a bun, and sleep on it.Unwrap it the next day and you'll see beachy waves perfect for your #HairGoals. After all, a free-spirited look is what best sums up a fun-filled adventure.

4. Bring a plastic bag or two for your dirty clothes.

And not just that, go to your pantry and snatch some dryer sheet. You can use it to keep your dirty clothes from smelling. You'll never know if your flight back is going to be delayed, or worse, if you're going to be stranded somewhere. And isn't it cool and awesome to have a fragrant smelling luggage?

5. Scarfs. Jewelries. Sunglasses.

The hack of every fashion-oriented individual when traveling. You can bring 4 or more to change your vibe using the same set of clothes. You can wear the same boots WHILE mix-and-matching your scarfs and accessories and your friends won't even notice it! It's in the details, you guys! Plus, infinity scarfs are life savers, make it a blanket, or cover up when you need it. Infinity scarfs equal infinite options.


6. Eat right.

Too general, you say? But really, you can avoid jet lag by  just eating right. Lay off booze and caffeine, and hold off your heavily processed food for a while. These food dehydrate you and make your jet lag worse. And if you're doing an overnight flight, expect mouth dryness and peelings on your face when you do otherwise.

7. If you think couponing is just for groceries, think again.

Browse destinations that you're planning to visit and look for restaurants and hotels around the area. You can find printable coupons on their websites that are beyond compare. Deals like Family buffet, Free room upgrade, and unlimited drinks are just some of these amazing offers!

8. No need to bring your shoe organizer.

Shower caps can do the trick. Wrap it on, and viola, your baggage stays dirt-free.

9. If you're travelling internationally, call your bank and credit card companies first.

Make sure you do it prior to avoid receiving alerts for suspicious activity. Or worse, last a day without access to your hard-earned money!

10. Bring empty water bottle.

Do this or pay $4 for water. I assure you, there are many refilling stations after you pass security.

Travel light, and in-budget, with these smart hacks!



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