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Why I Quit Travel Nursing

Hi! I’m Gelli, and four months ago, I finally hung up my travel shoes. After all the wonderful adventures I’ve experienced because of this gypsy life, I chose to pause the ride and rekindle my love for routine. It was November of 2016 when I started my career as a travel nurse. I totally fell […]

Smart Ways To Improve Cat Plays

Disclosure: This post has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #PurinaMysteries #CollectiveBias   Believe it or not, the notion that cats love to sleep all day and not do anything is a myth. This may come as a surprise to you especially when you catch a glimpse of […]

How To Post On Instagram From Your PC/Laptop

Ever wondered why Instagram doesn’t let you upload photos straight from PC/laptop? Actually, you can! And I’m here to teach you this very handy trick.

5 Things About Lynchburg That Surprised Me

It’s the second week of May and as you all know, I’m here in Lynchburg, Virginia for my second travel nursing assignment. It’s quite lengthy if I tell you everything that happened since my first day here, but I figured you can benefit from this post if I tell you stuff that surprised me from a Texan’s point of view. These little things that I observed are from my two weeks of stay, so I’m sure there’d be more to this list in the next months. But for now, here are five things in Lynchburg that surprised me.

My Hair Story: How Natural Curls Straightened My Way of Thinking

I have an unexplained dislike with my curls. I can condemn the culture I grew up in for popularizing the distasteful “kulot ay salot” (curly is cursed) or I can unapologetically point my finger at the ugly society altogether for coercing everybody to fit in a mold of what normal should look like, or for teaching us to desire what we don’t have.

Behind the scent | Exclusive coupon code inside!

I can’t believe that April is almost over. Where did time go? I know some of you have updated your spring wardrobe already. The rest? Maybe you are one of those who are still doing a massive clean up of their bedroom, or adding upgrades to their routine. I can totally relate; the season’s changing and we just can’t help but to tweak a little something. So before you consider buying another *stuff* to complete your floral-inspired vibe, you may want to consider this online shop that I discovered!

Best Local Restaurants in Lufkin

Whenever I think of Lufkin, I think of short trails with lush green grass, lakes with cute bridges, and unbelievably great food! If you want to know Lufkin’s best local restaurants, I got the perfect list! These five picks are a must-try if ever you go to this small city in Deep East Texas.

On Travel Nursing: Pros And Cons Of Extending A Contract

Right now, I’m on my last week of my first ever travel nursing assignment. It’s been a crazy ride for my career and this blog, I must say. Everything seemed to happen so fast that I missed tracking some important events in this journey. But for now, I’m going to share with you the things I considered when extending my travel nurse contract.

Dear Readers Of The World

Here is the character you loved for a week or two and probably admire for the rest of your life. The place you familiarized with and imagined to explore. Here is the bad guy who made you understand why bad guys do what they do and why bad guys exist in all of us. Here are the questions that opened more bafflement and wonder, and here are the answers hiding between cynical phrases and sarcastic punctuation marks.


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